Devils Advocate Racsim in Hollywood

Hollywood is not racist, if it was, there wouldn’t be any minorities in the business. The sole reason Hollywood even exists is to sell movie tickets. They are not casting for realism but instead they are casting for ticket sales. According to the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report minority actors make up 26.9% while white actors make up the other 73.1%. Given this data I can see how people would assume that Hollywood must be racist, but if we are going to base our decision on numbers then there are a lot of other “racists” groups in America. For instance saying Hollywood is racists because of these numbers, we can assume that the NFL is racists as well. According to the NFL race distribution 27.66% are white, 68% are black, and the other 4.36% make up other minorities.   If we were to argue from this stand point, it’s likely that people would say “white people are not as athletic” which is why there are so few white football players. We can also argue that “minorities are not as talented” which is why there are so few minority actors.   However, I do not believe that either of these are valid arguments. The NHL is going to choose players that will ensure a win regardless of their race. I believe that Hollywood chooses their actors based on the roles at hand. They are going to choose the best possible fit for the role while ensuring that the actor can sell movie tickets. In the end it all boils down to who will make the most money and that’s how decisions get made. It has nothing to do with race.