communication dev
0-3 Months . Cries vigorously.
. Attention to sounds made my your voice.
. Smile in respond to speech.
. Indicates needs with differentiated cries.
. Explores using his senses.
. Show interest in play things.
. Takes increasing interest in his surroundings.
. Sees everything in relation to self( is egocentric).
3 – 6 months . Double syllable sounds such mama and dada.  
. Screams with annoyance.
. Responds to human voices without visual cues by turning his head and eye.
. Laughs in play.  
. Finds feet interesting.
. Understand objects and know what to expect of them.
. Understand “up” and “down” and makes appropriate gestures, such as raising his arms to be picked up.
. Recognise parents; concentrates on familiar voices rather than unfamiliar ones.

6-12 months . Vocalises to attract attention.
. Understand several words.
. Respond to his name.
. Enjoy communicating with sounds.
. Shows interest in picture books.
. Watches activities of others with interest.
. Responds to simple instructions.
. Uses trial to learn about objects.
12-24 months . Can communicate needs.
. Uses many intelligible words.
. Repeats on adults last words.
. My and mine are beginning to emerge.
. Is curious.
. Enjoys simple picture books.
. Knows the name of parts of his body.
. Explores environment.

2-3 years . Talk to self continuously.
. Speaks over two hundred words and accumulate new words very rapidly.
. Constantly asks questions.
. Speaks in sentences.
. Recognises details in pictures.
. Uses own name to refer to self.
. Relates present activities and past experiences.
. Can sort objects into simple categories.
3-7 years . Speaks clearly ad is understood by non-family members.
. Gives reasonable answers to basic questions.
. Fluent speaker able to make up stories.
. Draw a person with at least eight body parts.
. Developing concentration.
. Respond to praise.
. Often regresses to an earlier stage under pressure.