Development Through the Life Stages

Life Factor | Genetic | Biological | Environmental | Socio-economic | Lifestyle |
The causes of the life factor | Down Syndrome | Foetal alcohol syndrome | Bullying | Peer groups | Smoking |
The effect on the development on an individual (PIES) | The physical side effect to a child with down syndrome is that they have a small nose and they have a flat nasal bridge, they also have a small mouth, their eyes slant either upwards or downwards. They have weak muscle tone which means they are very floppy; they have big hands and have short fingers. They may have a weight problem which will cause them to put on weight and will affect how they do activities if they start to get overweight and be limited in what they do. They may share physical features from their parent which will make them different. For intellectual, the child may develop a lot of mental health issues while they grow older, many of them face having anxiety, repetitive and obsessive compulsive behaviours.   For emotional, they may develop behaviours that could affect their emotions, they may start to get frustrated at the fact they are delayed with their communication.
For social, they are not very confident and people will need to get them to interact with other people and get them into social groups. | The physical side effect is the child will have low birth weight, their body features will not be fully developed which will mean they will have a small head, a flat face with a snub nose, they will also have a thinner top lip, they will also have widely spaced eyes. They may develop general or specific learning difficulties. For intellectual, the child may develop a few learning difficulties which will include poor memory, they also have difficulty to understand concepts such as the time and counting money. They also have bad language. For emotional, the child will have a lot of behavioural problems and for this they become hyperactive, they don’t have the ability to concentrate, they have a lot of...