Development of a Giglimodelia Repository

Giglimodelia is a collection of documents submitted by individuals from their personal collections.   It represents the memory of communities from the homes of those members.   Anyone who has historical letters, pictures, ledgers, minutes from community organizations, or other material, can submit digital copies to the Patchwork Nova Scotia Digital Archives, while still keeping the original in their own collection.  
More Information:  
Why share your documents with others? The documents in Giglimodelia show how people lived and worked within their families and communities. It may be the only record of an event or organization or the only photograph of an individual.   Submitting a digital copy of your photographs and documents will help to add to the community memory, provide a greater picture of the history of your community and ensure that a way of life is not forgotten.   Patchwork NS does not want to interfere with the work of Archives, historical associations, and libraries.   We strongly encourage individuals and groups to continue to donate their material to such organizations. However, if you do not wish to donate to an archives, historical association or library but do wish to share while still retaining ownership of your material, this is a way to do so.  
What types of documents?
Photographs: historical photographs of individuals, groups, places and objects;   any photographs representing an event in a community, such as the opening or closing of a building, organization, or other milestones.
Letters, diaries and personal papers
Material from organizations, such as minutes of meetings, reports, newsclippings
Audio/video material:   We are not yet set up to receive audio and/or video material but hope to do so in the future

1. Check your photographs and documents for dirt or smudges.   If necessary, gently wipe the item with a lint free cloth.   Do not try to erase marks, write on the document or repair imperfections.   You are trying to...