Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner

The CIPD HR profession Map covers the essentials of professional skills that are required in the HR profession, as well has behaviours that an HR professional requires to complete their activities.
The map describes what you need to, what you need to know and how you need to do it within each professional area.
There are two key professional areas insights, Strategy and solutions and Leading HR sit in the Centre of the Profession and are related to all HR professionals, regardless of their role.
Around the two key Areas are 8 professional areas that support the direction of the profession as an applied business discipline with a people and organisation specialism.
The Bands are numbered one to four. The Four Bands of professional competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career in the following key areas
- Relationship that the HR Professional has with clients
- The focus of the activities performed by the HR professional
- Where HR Professionals spend their time
- What services they provide to clients
- How their Contribution and success is measured.
The behaviours section describes the behaviours an HR professional needs to carry out their activities.
The behaviours are
- Curious
- Decisive thinker
- Skilled influencer
- Driven to deliver
- Collaborative
- Personally credible
- Courage to challenge
- Role Model
Whilst looking through the Profession map, Service delivery and information is the Professional area that I can relate to within my role. Looking at the activities I can establish customer Requirements, I have to take note of all customer details and needs asking all the right questions and following a privacy policy within my company. If there are any complaints I have to ensure that I have filled out a complaints procedure document and log so all complaints are noted down and handle in the correct method. All Customer issues are dealt with in the correct manor whether that is reply to...