Developing the Resources Ctlls

Developing and Managing Resources

Putting together this assignment several books have been used for reference in, particular, Planning and Enabling Learning, Gravells A, Simpson S (2010). Research on the internet also came up with some valid information to increase my knowledge.
In this assignment I will write about, how would I develop and manage different types of resources when teaching by taking into consideration factors such as differentiation, inclusivity and different types of learning styles.   At the end I would evaluate these resources and demonstrate how they are put into practice in my subject area.  


A resource is described as something which can be turned to for support or help, or an available supply of something to be drowning upon when needed (Grolier, 1981).

4 different types of resources that I would most use when a deliver lessons are:
POWERPOINT Presentation  

Wilson L (2009) states that resources generally enhance the verbal (auditory) teaching methods, by providing a visual stimulus.

Handouts are really effective, easy to create, copy and use, wide variety of formats, there are permanents records to take away and easy to adapt for differentiation, wide range of styles and uses.   If I have to do a lot of talking in the lesson I would create a handout for my visual learners to follow. Also use handouts for PowerPoint presentation, so the learners can refer too.

Wipe Board very useful resource for me, role models note taking skills, notes key words and spellings, easy to use. At the beginning of the lesson I would use the wipe board to write the aims and learning outcomes of the lesson in bullet points, so that students can see them throughout the lesson. Also use the wipe board to draw a spider gram or diagram for demonstration or ask the learners to write their answer on the wipe board.
Flipchart paper can be distributed around the...