Developing Teams

Evaluate the team’s overall effectiveness in meeting its objectives, making recommendations for improvements.

The overall effectiveness of the team in meeting the objectives set to us was not that good. The objective given to us by our teacher was to list six items needed if you are in an island. As a team we first took time choosing a team leader who will be in charge of the team while we talked about who will be delegated as the team leader his was done while time was wasted. In other for us to accomplish the objective given to us we had to have enough time to do so’ while we were choosing a leader the time given to use to complete the objective was going and for a effective team we have to be able to complete the objective in the time given in other to meet the deadline. I would recommend that the team should be able to use the time given to them effectively so they could be able to meet the deadline given to them to complete another given objective, this can be done if the team members are able to communicate with each other they could be able to delegate a team member quickly so they could then start completing the objective given to them. While I was in the team we were able to communicate effectively as we were able to speak out loud so we each of us could be heard while sharing our opinions about the objective given to us, communication was not effective when sharing our views on a team member opinion we tend to talk over each other sometimes this result in not been able to hear ourselves when we argue about the views given.
But we then come to a mutual view when we both agreed about the views given. When we then agreed about the list we then realised that time have been wasted on just one opinion while we had to list six items, In a next task I would recommend that the team leader should be in charge of ensuring that each team members are able to give their views/opinion on the objective given to us by doing this we will be able to communicate more...