Developing an Organization


Developing an Organization
Group and Organizational Dynamics
Instructor Carla Willard
September 16, 2010
Week 5 Final Message

    Human relationships play a major part in the development of an organization. In order to improve these relationships takes having an understanding of how people think and feel. Maslow’s need hierarchy show the five needs that people must satisfy. Motivation is very important in this process also. Motivation gives direction toward obtaining a goal in the end. Having motivation, attitude and understanding hierarchy of needs will help move any group or organization in the right direction.
    Motivation is very important in the development of an organization. Motivation by definition is the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort towards obtaining a goal (Bethel, 2004). We were all hired to make certain contributions or inputs to our companies to achieve certain outcomes. Input is what you contribute to your company such as knowledge, skill and work ethic. Output is what you get from your company. It could be your pay, job security or benefits.
    Motivation is used a lot in the trucking industry to motivate drivers. A good example of motivation before being promoted to my current position with Swift Transportation, I began my career as a driver with the company. Motivating drivers by using equity plays a major part in hiring and the development of new drivers. Drivers are required to run miles every week to get paid. The more miles a driver run safely, the more money that a driver earns. Student drivers just beginning with the company have very little motivation. Many student drivers just starting in the transportation industry deal a lot with underpayment which destroys their motivation. This causes over a 100% driver turnover with the lack of management to look at new ways of promoted equity in the...