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10 reasons to choose DAR ELTARBIAH SCHOOLS

1-   50 Years of Trust
For the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of parents have placed their trust in Dar ELTarbiah and Baby Home Schools. Today, over xxxxx   attend our Schools.

2- Dar El Tarbiah Schools holds a leading place in education in Egypt and the Middle East. In 1958, Dar El Tarbiah was the first English language Middle School founded and run by Egyptians.

3- Location

The schools are located in Zamalek, Agouza, and Dokki which are upper-income districts of Cairo, reflecting on the customer base.

4- Variety of School Models

Dar Eltarbiah has developed school models that meet the needs of any community, anywhere in the world. Through a variety of schools and curricula, Dar Eltarbiah provides families with a world of choice.

5- Dar El Tarbiah Staff

A team of over xxxxxx education professionals and staff   ensure that the highest standards of learning and teaching are met --- and exceeded.

6-Various extracurricular activities enrich the skills and student's life, both in schools and out.

7-The schools set high expectations for individual achievement and group excellence.

8-The school provides a safe and healthy environment for all students.

9- Documented student success.

10-High academic achievement across the entire student body is achieved.

11-A wholesome school environment results   in high morale among staff amd leads to positive relationships with students and parents.

12-The school leadership team is dedicated to the school’s purpose and monitors the work of the staff to ensure that the programs remain effective and successful.

13- The visionary and passionate leadership   insure that Dar El Tarbiah Schools provide a rigorous and challenging academic program. A 14-pervasive atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment to student learning is established.