Develop and Implement Effective Communication

401 –Develop and Implement effective communication systems for Health and Safety Information

As a Health and Safety Consultant I go to many of my clients premises to discuss Health and Safety and support them in maintaining good communication within their business.

My main role is maintain and promote positive communication within the company and communicate any changes to legislation or any new initiatives available.   This I do by keeping my knowledge up to date.   There are many forums that can offer information, however, the HSE is one of my main sources of information.   Being part of their forum, I get first hand information of any changes or good practice information.   There is a wealth of information on their website which I have full faith in the information uploaded.     For example.   Recent changes to CDM Regulations I was able to communicate effectively by delivering a short breakfast meeting to ensure all directors/owners understood the changes and I was able to do this in a timely manner.   I also use the GE700 books and the GT700 Tool Box Talk books from the CITB.   These are useful manuals which were given to all managers and supervisors who attended the CITB courses so they had their own copies.

A recent project in Middle East I came across many cultures.   It very quickly became apparent that different countries embrace safety and their ideas of safety very differently.   It was paramount to communicate at the right level and gain each individual’s attention and ensuring their understanding.   This was achieved by firstly knowing my audience.   Due to 4 different languages spoken, Bengali, Hindi, Egyptian and English I ensured we had interpreters who delivered the same safety message.   This guaranteed the same message was delivered to all workers.   A question and Answer session was completed so I could gauge they had understood the message.   To keep my engagement with them, a simple hand gesture which I implemented (a thumbs up)   I knew when I was...