Develop a Research Question

Based on research and analysis Dish Network has experienced a decrease in profits mainly due to the malfunctioning of equipment and the lack of service provided to its customers. From personal experiences as well as complaints and concerns of others this seems to have a direct correlation. Competing companies have shown former Dish customers that product is not the only important factor. Without reliable service, great customer service, and providing honest knowledgeable information about all fees Dish will never be able to increase profits or survive in this changing economy.

Research Question
1.   Has the reliability of services and equipment directly related to Dish Networks recent loss of profits?
2.   Do we need a more reliable producer of the equipment?
3.   Can we use another carrier for the shipment of our goods, or ship using another method (overnight or 2nd day -vs- ground)?
4.   Is outsourcing part of the issue (customer service)?
5.   How can we train our customer service employees to be better prepared for technical support/installation technicians?

(Please add your opinions and research here)
Matt-   All of these questions must be considered by upper management .   Customers are constantly dealing greeted with poor service due to lack of training and/or lack of communication due to a majority of customer service representatives not clearly speaking/understanding English.   Customers who do have defective equipment are expected to pay for services while they are waiting for the service itself due to excessive shipping times and installation times which must be scheduled after the fact.   According to , out of 420 comments posted about DISH Network 418 were negative and only 42 were positive.   This means that the average number of complaints is 90.87%!  
According to , 825 out 946 of the comments posted were...