Determining Your Perfect Position

In this paper the subject to discuss will be the perfect position for me at my expanding company.   There will be a discussion about my company and the opportunities that are going to be available.   After the brief discussion about the company, the paper will then discuss the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style what was learned from the self-assessments.   Then I will compare and contrast some different leadership theories with those that fit my own approach to leadership.   At the end of the paper I will identify some positions within my company that best fit my leadership style.

Determining Your Perfect Position
“Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals” (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p. 402).   A leader is someone that is looked up to for guidance within an organization.   There will be a time when I will be looked up to as a leader within a business.   It is important to understand your leadership style and how it will affect the way you lead your current or future team.   This paper will discuss the expansion opportunities within my current employment.   Then I will lay out some strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style that I learned from some self-assessments on leadership.   Following that I will compare and contrast some leadership theories with my own approach to being a leader.   At the conclusion of the paper I will identify the job(s) within my company that are compatible with my leadership style.  
Company Background and Expansion
I currently work for a service based company inside the uniform and linen industry.   My current employer is on the brink of expansion and the development of new opportunities.   I am currently a first line supervisor that has been with the company for six years.   I currently oversee eight service routes and the drivers who take care of those routes.   The company is about to launch a new division within our location and I am granted the opportunity...