Detecting Media Bias

Detecting Media Bias Part A&B
Alta Sprowl
Steve Moore

Part A
Journalist Greta Van Susteren of Fox News recently interviewed Donald Trump, President and CEO of Trump Organization about his thoughts on Obama care.   Mr. Trump stated that he thought Obama care was a “mess,” and a “catastrophe.” Van Susteren ask Trump what his thoughts were on the recent media report when President Obama answered questions on recent website flares, and how so many Americans have been said to have lost their individual health care plans.   The reporting of the news story was clear and accurate with sufficient depth. Trump addressed by saying that Obama care was an embarrassment to the American people, and that they did not deserve to be treated that way.   He said that people whose insurance was canceled were reinstated at a cost, and the insurance companies are making more money.   Trump stated that he felt like this plan simply does not work, and the website was not the biggest problem in all this, and he felt that President Obama should scrap Obama care and start over.   Some facts were reported and others were ignored.
  Van Susteren stated that she thought the website was sort of the most visual problem, and would there have been a problem with policies being cancelled if there had not been a website.   Trump replied by stating that again the website itself was not the problem, it was the beginning, because it showed the gross incompetence and out there for people to see.   Van Susteren also stated how Obama care has affected so many Americans and the fact that they are terrified of losing their policy to being cancelled, especially the people who are sick.   This story did not consider alternatives perspectives, but did give some worldviews.
Van Susteren stated that the grandfather clause is for one year and the midterm elections are around the corner.   She asked Trump if he thought this would help the Democratic candidates.   Trump replies to the...