Destruction of Innocence

Destruction of Innocence
University of Idaho
Human Sexuality 330
May 3, 2005

“I did not have a troubled childhood, my parents didn’t fight, I never went hungry, and I never ran out of toys.   My family was close, not only did we live near each other, but we saw each other regularly.   My grandparents would frequent the house almost daily and I could bank on seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins weekly.   Most of the adults worked, as did most people that we knew, and I found myself being baby-sat a majority of the days out of the week.   We were fortunate however, because we had family close by and baby sitting was free from them.  
“When it was my uncle C—‘s turn to watch us, we did other things, things that I didn’t quite understand at the time.   He had a game during which we would play tag, but each time we got caught we would have to take off a piece of our clothes.   Afterwards we would take a bath, Uncle C— would oversee us, then we would all go to bed when we were dry.
“It started out as a fun time when he came over but after a while it started to become the most dreadful thing.   I didn’t like to play the game because I would get cold, but he made us, and when we were cold he would hold us to warm us up.   I didn’t like the way he touched me, even though I didn’t quite understand what was going on.

“This went on for at least a year, until my aunt heard the horror stories.   Immediately following she filed for a divorce and made him leave her house.   I have never seen him again in real life, but his face haunts my dreams.   I think it is because of him that I am so loose when it comes to sexuality.   I see my body as a way to profit in life.   I strip professionally four days a week at a local club and bring in extra money doing it on the side whenever I get an offer.   I make better money then most of the people that I know and I don’t need any special skills.   I know that this way of life won’t carry me forever, especially now that I’m pregnant, so that is...