The advantage and
disadvantage of nuclear

Advantages of Nuclear Fission

Free From the Heat-Generating CO2

With nuclear fission, people can use an energy source alternative that is free from CO2. It is certainly a
set up technique to produce electrical energy without having to give off Carbon Dioxide and it is the
greatest advantage it provides. Furthermore, this method will not generate some other forms of toxins
into the atmosphere, such as smog.
Harmless Nuclear Fission Radiations to the Environment

The process performed by nuclear power plants produce radiations that do not lead to any hazardous
effects to the nature. With this, people can assure that the environment is safe from nuclear fission.
Cost Effective Energy Source

The fuel that is utilized in the reaction of nuclear fission is extremely affordable. In addition to this, it is
also applied in small amount, guaranteeing of its affordability. What’s more, nuclear fission does not eat
up the source of fossil fuel.
Disadvantages of Nuclear Fission

High Initial Cost For The Nuclear Fission Plant

Even though the application of this energy source alternative is affordable, establishing a plant for it
may require high initial cost. Along with this, the safety measures that are utilized inside the plants will
be a bit expensive.
Hazardous Nuclear Fission Reaction Wastes

The process of nuclear fission produces some wastes from the reaction that are utilized in
manufacturing of bombs.
Nuclear Breakdown May Be Harmful To The Environment And The Health Of The People

Whenever a nuclear breakdown takes place inside the plant, it may lead to some dangerous effects to
the health of the people as well as to the environment.

The advantages and
disadvantages of nuclear

The key advantages of nuclear fusion are:

The incredible amount of energy available - about 5 times more energy per kilogram than fission fuels
and about 10 million times more energy per...