Desribe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teacher/ Training Cycle.

Stephen Dargan             Ptlls 7303

  Theory Assessment No1
  Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teacher/ training cycle.

  Identifying participants needs
  Understanding in depth the needs or learners is a fundamental aspect of successful teaching. Needs can be related to personal agendas which dictate learning, define the teaching style the learner requires to learn effectively, or may be a more specific individual need related to the actual learning, such as a visual, kinaesthetic, auditory need, communication needs or dyslexia. Once the learner’s needs are identified a teacher can match the learning experience to the ability level, interests and needs of each individual.
  Some learners with a marked learning difficulty are identified as having a special educational need.
  Some special educational needs can not be met by the teacher and additional help or support is required from a third party.

      Planning and preparing
  This phase of the teaching cycle links objectives identified for the learning, to activities and approaches through which the learning will take place. Here, learner’s needs must be taken into account to ensure that learning will be stimulating and successful.
  When planning and preparing a scheme of work the role and responsibilities I as the teacher would need to consider would be to:
      • Think about the aims of the session and the desired objective the I would want the group to learn.
      • At the start of each lesson I would need to be specific about the desired outcomes of the session which I would like to take place.
      • I would have a shared framework of how the lesson should proceed
      • I would incorporate activities to meet the needs of the participants identified in the first stage of the cycle.
      • Time is an important factor is planning a scheme of work/lesson, to ensure each activity is well paced.
      • Taking into...