Despite Conflict

‘Despite conflict, we can be made stronger’
Life as human beings revolves around of our way of living; it is human nature to being socially interactive with another but with the difference of characteristics, personalities and perception of the world. We fundamentally would encounter conflict that is a gate way or catalyst to war, violence and destruction whether it is externally to the people around us or internally as we fight within ourselves.   Regardless of the negative consequences, it has the effect for someone to become stronger from the force since experiencing the pain and sorrow, causes the person to draw for strength and strive for power and survival by having hope and belief in them to stay strong.
The extraordinary film ‘Paradise Road’ is a motion picture directed by Bruce Beresford, corresponding to WWII shown as women from diverse backgrounds are forced to transcend from ordinary civilization to prisoners and slaves of a Japanese war camp. Their lives are changed dramatically; as the struggle from the reign of the Japanese soldiers exerting authority and dominance, by condescending their rights as women and being physically abusive through torture as punishment, would only compel the women to navigate through problems in order to survive the conflict. A member of the POW,   Adrienne Pargiter is perceived as high class in the British social status in the beginning of the film, they don’t associate with people not of their class as quoted from her “We never mixed with missionaries - we were taught to look down on them” To Margaret Drummond also known as Daisy. Adrienne shows her strength in her ability to adapt to the significant change in her status because of her view in her surrounding outside of her arrogant and opinionated upbringing; she is brought to empathize with the other women. Her pride from being a high class is humble and proves to be a sense of leadership for the women in the camp, because of the confidence in knowledge and herself,...