Desincrustation relies on the fact that when a direct current is used an alkali (sodium hydroxide) is produced at the negative electrode and an acid (hydrochloric acid) is generated at the positive electrode.

Using Desincrustation first, reduces the barrier properties of the skin by assisting with exfoliation, in theory making it easier for ions to move across the skin during iontophoresis. Then, as acid is produced under the positive electrode following desincrustation with iontophoresis (using only the positive electrode) this helps to restore the acid balance of the skin upset by the alkaline sodium hydroxide generated during desincrustation.

“The chief characteristics of the method consist in breaking up, reducing and eliminating all the impurities (waste matter, dust, toxins, crystallisations, etc.) Which block up the glandular tubes. The immediate result is—increased blood circulation and, gradually, recolouring of the epidermis.”
(The Hairdresser and Beauty Trade, 1934)

First of all you would want to set up your machine with all the correct equipment. Next I would carry out a full consultation and prepare my client on the couch. I would carry out my first cleanse, then a skin analysis. I would then carry out a second please with the suitable products. you arewould then carry out a skin sensitivity test. I would then test the machine on myself in front of the client. Then re-clean the rollers with surgical client. I would then give the client the indifferent electrode - red electrode cover with a damp sponge. If using the dermalogica scaling fluid, you would whip it up with the brush and soak it in gauze. Then you would apply this to the clients face.

I would make sure all the dials are at 0 before I start. When using the scaling fluid which is negatively charged the machine would be set to negative.
The working rollers are the active rollers. 2 black leads go into 2 black electrodes. I will start to move the rollers on the skin, whilst...