Designing a Reward System

Designing a Reward System
                                                Ben Licon
                              Axia Collage of University of Phoenix
                                                HSM 220
                                          February 22, 2011


The way of an efficient worker incentive program within human services organization must include things in order to be adequate by means of the supervisor and workers, recognition and incentives give people something to strive for also for you to show your appreciation for their hard work and its important in all forms of work to show recognition and incentives. The benefit of doing this is invaluable. Reward systems could be formed by either workers and or supervisor, since cheery workers manufacture positive production atmosphere in order to make the employer happy. An efficient system desires seek items that can be appealing, while working for what produces the employee to be additionally ambitious and doing his good job. The workers are virtually assured to perform extra efficiently in addition of the right motivations in position.
    Many companies influence their workers could change the entire company, appropriately determined workers would enhance a company. “Achievement-motivated people are not necessarily motivated by the rewards of success. Motivation is directed more toward accomplishments” (Kettner, 2002). Companies using vulnerable driving force methods will create critical place of work difficulties. Inspiration is necessary for any company to have goals in sight that offer the workers a sense of guidance. It also provides them with a method to evaluate his or hers production and almost impracticable for employers to motivate workers lacking a number of goals. When some goals are noticeable, employers can establish methods to inspire workers in separate...