Deserve Grade

This semester I took speech 100-1411 with Professor . Professor   was an excellent professor. He made everyone feel welcome into the class as well as comfortable amongst their classmates. His comments on presentations were never very harsh which gave me a great sense of confidence. Coming into speech I did not think I would do very well. I doubted that I would be able to finish a speech completely. I was in fear that I would get stuck and just stop going. All of my negative thoughts stirred from me being a very shy person which had been the cause of my previous failure in speech as a freshman here at the . I was able to overcome that fear and present over three speeches this semester. This is the first reason why I believe that I deserve a B+. I was able to finish the class off with no missing speeches.
Another reason why I believe that I deserve a B+ in speech is because; I was struggling with a handful of life obstacles. At one point I felt the urge to drop the course but I didn’t, I kept going. I found a way to contact my professor to aware him of what was going on with me and provided proof each time. I made sure that whatever speech I had missed I made up. Because of my absences I feel as if I deserve a B+ and not an A. Though they were excused absences I do feel like I possibly missed a few techniques discussed in class that I could have used to better my speeches. I have not received less than a B or B+ on any of my speeches but I do wish to have gotten an A on one. For this reason I do not think I exceed the right amount of points to receive an A. My in class participation could have been a bit better as well. Things such as the debate that the professor held in class was very interesting. I had a few thoughts on it as well. I could have taken the initiative to participate but my sense of “shyness” held me back. Especially because the topic was ironically something I was going through but totally disagree with.
In conclusion I do believe that I deserve a...