Arash Ghazanfari
Mrs. Beeson
English II Pre-AP
20 November 2008
Descriptive Essay
Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and it is a good time to enjoy life. It is a holiday celebrated because it was a time when the Pilgrims and Indians came together to feast. Just like back then, we come together with our families to feast. The food, the weather, and being surrounded by my family are the best parts about Thanksgiving.
From miles away, I can smell the wonderful smell of turkey in the oven. The second that bell rings, I rush like a scared animal to the door. The smell of that food soon fills up my nostril with a smell so delicious. Next, there is the mast potato. It is a rock just sitting there waiting to be touched. The buttery corn and bread loafs must not be forgotten. Finally, to top off the meal, I add the stuffing to the turkey to create the best Thanksgiving meal.
As soon as I step out, the serene weather of this month catches me off guard. The never-ending breeze creeps up and comforts me. All the dead, but beautiful, leaves cover the ground like a dark cloud covers the sky. The sun is a king making sure that everything is in order and is perfect for the day. The weather is just a hint of summer and winter mixed together. The clouds are just right to where they can say “hello”, but not ruin my beautiful day.
The next thing I know, the doorbell rings rapidly. Before I get to the door, I can hear the joy and happiness in everybody’s voices. Then, I open the door and greet the wonderful people who have paid me a visit today. Today is the day I get to sit back and enjoy the wonderful food. I eat, talk, and play games, but then it is time for my family to head home and get ready for Black Friday.
Thanksgiving is a time of giving, and a time that I am able to relax and enjoy the world around me. Having the food, the beautiful weather, and being surrounded by my family are the best things I can ask for in a holiday.