I never knew a single object could mean so much to one person. Something so small and simple, such as a ring. I chose this subject because it was not like anyone else’s. This so called ring is one of the most important things I own. Not because it was expensive, beautiful or came from a store like Tiffany’s, but because it was given to me by the most important people in my life, my family.   It was my grandmothers and then my mothers and now it is mine. I know many people own rings and valuable things but this one specifically is very special. This ring is not an ordinary gold diamond ring or birth stone, it’s a spoon handle, sterling silver to say the least.
I love this object, it is so beautiful and shiny. Never been tarnished. There’s little designs throughout the top of it and then area where it meets. But that isn’t what make it most significant to me. Its has so much meaning. So many memories held within it.   Beside sentimental value, it also reminds me of the strength and courage my grandmother and mother both had.   Both of these women are strong, independent and courageous.   When I look at the ring I am reminded of the trials and tribulations they both went through, but came out stronger women.  
As most girls do, I have several pieces of jewelry that hold some meaning, but none like this particular one.   When I look at the ring I see strength, honor and courage from my grandmother.   Her husband, my grandfather, passed away of cancer, leaving behind two sons and a daughter.   My grandmother was left to raise them alone, which I believe is one of the most courageous things any person can do.   To raise a family alone can bring great challenges and memories as well.  
Just like the shape of the ring it reminds me of my family, a complete circle not left incomplete, but strong enough to get through   any of life‘s obstacles.   When I wear the ring, I’m horned because it was once worn by a woman who served our country as a nurse in the armed forces, an honor...