Descriptive Paragraph

W-2 Assignment 3
Descriptive Paragraph
Final Draft
Writer’s Choice:   Photograph of My Cousin and I

As a child at the age of five, my cousin and I had pictures taken together by her mother, I call her  

Aunt Elena.   My cousin Emily and I are four months apart.   Emily is very pretty, smart and thoughtful.   In

this special picture, she and I looked identical.   Our slanted, brown eyes and our big smiles resemble two

calm little girls, enjoying the moment with peaceful smiles on our faces.   In our knee- length dresses,

red as a fire and blue as bright as the ocean, we sit straight up in front of our grandma’s house

surrounded by beautiful flowers such as red, yellow and pink roses, daffodils, and tulips.   Our dark

brown, wavy hair even matched. We both had red and blue bows off to the side of our heads that

resemble our dresses, and grandma’s beautiful flowers.   My cousin and I have both been there for each

other through “thick and thin.”   For example, when I’m depressed because I lost my first job as a cashier

at Bradlees because the store was closing down, she was there to fix it by comforting me and reassuring

me that everything is going to be OK.   Another example, when I got really sick with the flu, she was

there to help me get better.   She took care of me like the way a mother would when their child is sick.  

My photograph of my cousin and I reveals how close we are in age and also reveals how close we are

when it comes to love and friendship.   This photograph still hangs in my bedroom wall in a simple

burgundy wood frame.