Descriptive Composition of a Beach

Stepping onto the beach I see the small waves breaking on the grey pebbles.   The water is of a sparkling sapphire colour, the sea bed is covered with fine golden sand. There are boats floating on the water. In the boats, people admire the idyllic picture of this beach, while some children are playing with tiny greyish fish in the sea. Old people enjoy the chilling water, as the temperature outside is 40 degrees. Small fish swim in schools of hundreds passing slowly across the rocks. Everything is so enjoyable!
Wow! A luxurious black boat approaches in and everyone is staring at it. A handsome man throws the anchor in the sea. The man steps back and calls out his beautiful wife to see the extraordinary turquoise colour of the sea. Everyone is watching them closely. A frozen moment. As if the clock has stopped working. It is like watching a slow film. An intriguing film. But the mysterious newcomers don’t seem to care at all.
Time passes and everyone gets bored watching this scene. I look around me and I see wild cliffs with overhanging green and grey bushes meeting the deep blue sea, completing the fantastic landscape. There are no words to describe this magnificent place. Everything seems too fascinating to be real.
But seriously now, who cares about the beautiful couple and their expensive boat? Who cares about the children that are playing? Who cares about the parents who are teaching their toddlers how to swim? Personally, I don’t! I don’t care even if the world ends now. I am enjoying and admiring this incredible landscape. I live it, I feel it right now!  
The sky has a clear light blue colour, the variety in the shapes of the trees and the reflected image of the flowers on the surface of the sea highlight the beautiful view. An aroma of pure harmony and happiness is prominent and the air is fragrant with honeysuckles and pine. I am in paradise!
I enter the magnificent blue sea and I forget worries, troubles, and fears. It’s like a dream. I put on my...