Description a Place

The city centre – exceptional Khreshchatyc. He is still magnificent for many centuries. The   buildings, their facades, the signs on stores, the number of fountains and sculptures, a   pavements have been changing but   the love citizens and visitors remained unchanged. On public holidays Khreshchatyc is incredible: the lights, the flowers, music sounding from anywhere and a lot of smiling faces. But if you got on Khreshchatyc in a working day you realize that this is a particular different world. A bit hard to understand? That I’ll try to make it clear.
Extensive car flav…   A wide street looks more like a busy beehive. A great numbers of car driving or usually creeping every in its own direction. Unfortunately filling the air with car exhaust. Covered   with stone all buildings are pervaded with gasoline. But if we cross the busy road we’ll get to a different world. A marvelous park of old chestnuts creates shade and protects from fast rhythm of a business centre. Elderly people are sitting on benches and chatting and they don’t really care about the madness it rush around them.
The travel buses stop in long queues with excited tourists who are trying to absorb in twenty minutes the history created in centuries and photo cameras help them to catch maximum through the little camera lens. Will it?
The square with a fountains   is a popular place among young people. They are hurrying to get there to meet friends and see again beloved places. And the flower clock built on a slope counts every second of happiness. The restaurants and cafes with lovely music getting out on the streets and filling the air, make every visitor pleased with their service. Opposite the Central Past Office painters sell their little beautiful artworks for tourists to take sweet memories back home.
The city center is only a small part of our big city but look at it attentively! It combines history and modernity, calmness and rushing business life. It inspires people for hundreds of years to...