Describing Yourself

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am helpful, conscientious, compassionate, trustworthy and bright. I express myself openly and don’t keep things hidden. I like the fact that I communicate well with everybody. I always focus on the positive in people and try and meet new friends wherever and whenever I go out.

I focus fully on my studies as I want to go far in life and make myself and my family proud. However I am determined that this should never be at the expense of anyone else. I am supportive and compassionate in every area of my life, at home, at school and anywhere else I go.

My favourite subject is History because it is a lifetime of learning and interest. I believe ‘Within an event, there is always a Story.’ History helps me understand the origins of modern political and social problems. It captivates me as it helps me discover how the society evolves and benefits as it develops my skills to look beyond the headline, to ask questions properly, and to express my own opinion.

My ambition for the future is to study law as I have a great passion for the subject as it fascinates me extensively.   I am intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. I feel I would be suited to a law degree as I am at my best when challenged, relish the opportunity of lateral thinking and enjoy evaluating human relations. I am intrigued in different political and judicial systems within different countries of the world. I have a vivid mind, and I grasp to help honest people operate within the legal boundaries of our society. My dream is to open a law firm; and I just want to help honest people operate within the legal boundaries of our society.