Describe (with Examples) How to Establish Respectful, Professional Relationships with Adults. Include the Importance of Adult Relationships as Role Models for Children and Young People.

Developing and promoting positive, respectful working relationships with adults is important because it helps to maintain a positive learning environment that benefits pupils, parents and staff. They also help children to learn how to treat others. Positive working relationships will also reflect the schools aims such as: encouraging children’s all-round development; delivering play and learning opportunities; working in partnership with parents and the local community.
You can help to develop positive, respectful, professional relationships with colleagues by:
• Having a duty of care towards your colleagues
• Demonstrating an awareness of the work-related needs of others
• Find a common ground
• Be interested in what they are saying
• Have open body language
• Be respectful and polite
• Be approachable
• Adapt your vocabulary
• Remember confidentiality in discussions with colleagues concerning problems associated with work.
• Never criticise a colleague in front of others
• Respecting the status of colleagues

Children are like sponges and eagerly soak up behavioural and personality traits from others. Children unknowingly behave or imitate people they are closest to e.g. acting at being ‘mum’, ‘dad’ or ‘teacher’. These people intentionally become their role models. Role models are important in children’s and young people’s lives because they inspire or motivate them, or they discourage or reprimand them. In this they help to shape their character and personality as they grow up.
Role models don’t have to do anything that significant, because many children and young people just want someone to listen to them and maybe offer advice or just listen to their ideas or stories without judging them.
It is important for children and young people to have positive adult role models in their lives as they can help children make healthy choices, and those choices can increase their chances of having a successful life.