Describe What Your Role; Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

As a course tutor my Role would require me to;
Assess the needs of the learner.
To do this I would ensure an initial hand written pre-course assessment established the current level of education in to ensure the learner was suitable and adept for the planned course and if there were any specific needs that may need to be accommodated within the lesson plan.
Produce a suitable lesson plan
Since I will be delivering teaching to adults and following an “andragogic” approach it will be important to cover the four learning styles “Honey & Mumford” and look to   provide student centred learning strategies using pair and group work where possible and appropriate.
The lesson plan would be detailed and designed to meet clear aims and objectives incorporate logical progression by using Blooms taxonomy of learning approach enabling the teaching methods to devolve learning to the students. This can be facilitated by allowing the students to use their own abilities and to follow (if and where appropriate) Bloom’s “Steps” in the four learning Domains (Cognitive – mental skills / knowledge, Affective – attitudes, emotional and the ‘social experience’ and the Psychomotor domain – manual or physical skills )
Importantly the lesson plans will seek to create a challenging, interesting and engaging learning environment based on respect for other students and at the same time recognize shared existing knowledge and experience, this should Stimulate intrinsic motivation (Herzberg) – and address the affective domain (social situations)
Preparation of resources
Other requirements will include preparation of suitable resources such as handout and suitable course materials including media clips, DVD;s   Differentiation will need to be gauged and planned for and continuously monitored during delivery of the lesson plan to ensure you are meeting any varying needs of   learners.
Preparation of the environment
It is also important to ensure environment is conducive to learning and...