Describe What Your Role; Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

1. Identify Needs.
Finding out the needs of the students what they need to learn and understand and to plan ahead so that when a session is upon you have the handouts worksheets and other recourses available for you to use.

The Role of a Teacher.
One of the roles is to value all of their learners individually and equally. To do lesson plans i.e. preparing materials and assessing the students individually to see if they understand or need further help with the subject you are teaching. Also a tutor must maintain attendance records because if someone misses one or more sessions they may need help playing catch-up and also records charting a person or sessions progress so that you know where they are and if any help is needed for them to move forward and finally any work handed in to be marked will give the tutor a understanding to the learner or learners ability on the subject taught.

The Responsibilities of a Teacher.
. To make sure that the Tutor has the relevant literacy, correct qualifications. The   tutor has the responsibility of making sure that all handouts, lesson plans, presentations and any other writing in which they do is always checked for   any spelling mistakes so this can be corrected and shown to them. The Tutor should make sure that they have the skills and attributes required for teaching   such as:-Smart, assertive, charming lol, competent, confident, creative, decisive, dedicated, determined, diplomatic, flexible, honest, intelligent, patient, organised, persistent, positive, prepared, professional, realistic, reliable, respectful, responsible, trustworthy, thoughtful and supportive

The Boundaries of A Teacher.
Boundaries include not getting to friendly with their students. They should not get involved emotionally and always keep contact only on a professional level and if a student needs help point them towards student services which will offer them as much help as possible.