Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher/Trainer/Tutor in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

My role as a trainer is to assess the group of learners that I will be training and decide their individual needs and adapt the training to suit the group as a whole.   My main role is to encourage and facilitate students to communicate and enter into a wider debate of the subject being discussed at the time.   I also need to continually reassess the development and changes that occur during the course because as the students develop a better understanding of what is required of them during the course their own needs will change and this will be identified through continual reassessment.
I have the responsibility to ensure that i have the appropriate skills for the subject I am going to teach and to make sure that the all my handouts, presentations and lesson plans are legible and are spellchecked to ensure a professional image at all times. I also need to take into account the learners needs by monitoring, evaluating and improving the effectiveness and the quality of my training.   Incorporating auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles gives learners the opportunity to learn from a different point of view which goes a long way towards promoting inclusion, equality and diversity.
It is my duty to provide the learners with the extra support they may require during the course through provision of extra materials, short one to ones and reviews to ensure that their learning experience is up to standard.
Course structure and coherent delivery are my responsibility and require flexibility and adaptation to reflect any newly identified needs as seen in the teacher/training cycle.
The boundaries of a trainer are to ensure that nothing is ever made personal to the learners, to keep contact on a professional level