Describe What Is Meant by the Process of Nursing and Explain the Role of the Nurse Within That Process.

The process of nursing, at a basic level, can be described as a modified scientific process (Funnell et al, 2009). Significantly, although Funnell (2009) described it as a scientific process the nursing process also uses the nurses’ individual analysis of a patient plus their care needs in addition to research evidence to be able to identify the patient’s health needs. Then they would be able to devise and implement a care pathway (Reed, 2009, pp.63.) The nursing process has also been described as a problem solving approach to nursing care (Peate, 2012.) Importantly the nursing process has also been described as a process of nursing that is focused on the patient and aims to provide an approach to nursing care that is goal orientated and patient-centred (Taylor et al, 2011.)
The stages are the nursing process can be identified as the following; assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation (Peate, 2012.) Notwithstanding it is important to note that all the stages are interconnected (Peate, 2012.) Therefore the components all influence each other and work together as a unit (Pearson at al, 1996.)
The first stage of the nursing process is assessment (Peate, 2012). This stage of process is the collection of facts, data or observations that are relevant to the patient’s case (The Royal Marsden, 2011). Peate, 2012 discusses that there are three main features within the assessment phase. These are communication, measurement and observation. Communication is about liaising with the patient in order obtain relevant medical history (Peate, 2012.) The measurement component of the nursing process is where the role of the nurse could be to collect and document physiological measures. These may be vital observations such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, temperature respiratory rate, BMI (if relevant) and the use risk assessment tools if necessary (Bird, 2005.) Observation is a continuous process that should happen whenever there is nurse and patient...