Describe the Sorts of Problems That Might Occur When Supporting Learning Activities and How to Deal with These

Unit 2.10 – 3.4

Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these:

  1) The Learning Activities:

    • Child / Children not wanting to participate
    • Lack of child motivation
    • Lack of interest
    • To easy / difficult (challenged children)
    • Group dynamics
    • The objectives of the task
    • Correct instructions of the task
    • The lack of time given for the task
    • The communication of the task

How to deal with above:

To ensure the planning is done very well with thought and consideration, enabling that you differentiate the plan for adapting the methods to make it easier / harder for challenged children to keep them motivated and interested in the actual learning activity. Being able to restructure the activity for children not wanting to participate and changing it to group work and enabling it more fun. Being accurate on the communication of the task so that everyone fully understands their involvement, praising and informing children whilst doing the task, ensuring that you have the correct time scale to complete the task involved so everyone is happy this should be done at the planning stage always ensuring a little extra time for challenged children and having extra resources for higher ability children so they do not get bored.

  2) The Learning Resources:

    • The lack of funding / money
    • Having enough resources for children
    • Breakdowns
    • Making sure that resources all work
    • To ensure the resources are all ready for the activity involved

How to deal with above:

Do events in order to raise money towards the school for support in getting more funding involved, Making sure children are aware of the activity as to whether they have one resource each or if they are to share and for how long there turn will be i.e. using an egg timer or a sound digital stop clock ensuring when they swap over making it fair.