Describe the Social, Economic and Cultural Factors That Will Impact on the Lives of Children

Outcome 1
Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children
There are many factors that can have an effect on the lives of children and young people, these can be social, such as having a disability such as autism, economic, such as their parents not being able to afford to pay bills and cultural factors such as certain religions not allowing children to engage in certain activities.   These factors can have positive or negative effects on children and young people.   This short essay will continue to discuss how certain factors can affect a child or young person’s life:
Education: Although all education establishments are regulated via Ofsted, if a setting does not meet statutory requirements it can have a negative effect on their education.   This poor education can then have a negative effect, and impact future goals and aspirations.
Disability: If a parent or carer suffers from a disability this could have a negative impact on a child or young people’s access to education, it could cause the child or young person to act as a carer and could result in the child or young person being unable to access certain services or activities.
Poverty: If a family are living on a low income they will possibly not be able to provide for their children as they need.   Children and young people growing up in poverty may have less access to activities and experiences that broaden their horizons and opportunities in life.  
Accommodation: Poor quality housing conditions can have a negative effect on children or young people’s development.   Also, the community in which children and young people are bought up could affect their lives, communities in which children have challenging and anti social behaviour, families could become isolated if reluctant to allow their children to socialise.   However, in rural communities children and young people could also be isolated due to the difficulties in accessing education and health facilities....