Describe the Main Features of Person Centred Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. Which of These Do You Feel More Personally Drawn to and Why?

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Describe the main features of person centred therapy and psychodynamic therapy. Which of these do you feel more personally drawn to and why?
Person centred therapy was first introduced by Carl Rogers (1957) and is a humanistic approach to counselling. Rogers (1957) claims therapeutic process is accomplished by the client themselves, not just by the therapist. In contrast to Psychoanalysts such as Freud, who say that humans are never free from childhood experiences, Rogerian counselling focuses more on the present rather than the past. Rogers didn’t see the client as someone who needs mending, but someone who needs help in order to help themselves. Rogers described what he saw as a newer approach to counselling, which was based on very different beliefs of how the human mind works. The aim of this approach was not to solve underlying problems but to develop a trusting relationship between the counsellor and client. Rogers saw the relationship as equal and moved towards the client being less of a patient, as other therapies saw them. Unlike other therapies, the client is the one who improves their own life, by deciding for themselves what is wrong and how to solve it. The counsellor listens and encourages on an equal level but does not suggest. This relationship allows the client to grow and become more able to cope with difficulties productively.
Rogers (1966) argued that people have a positive internal drive towards stability and that they can make their own choices to improve their lives. This humanistic approach meant a counsellor should help their client discover their true selves, rather than the client continuing to be as others want them to be. This form of counselling is Rogers’s theory of self actualisation (Rogers 1957, cited by Bozarth and Brodley 1991) which comes directly from the belief that everyone strives to fulfill their own potential.
Expanding on this Rogers (1957) stated there needed to be three core conditions in a...