Describe the Differentiation Strategies That Are Used to Promote a Product

Product differentiation is a marketing process that showcases differences between products. Differentiation looks to make a product more appealing by combining its unique qualities with other competing products.

In the Nissan Tiida advertisement there are many differentiation strategies used to promote the car. These include labelled features of the car around the visual. This is so consumers can identify all the positive features of the car easily and consumers can make a check list to see if all the features they require are in the car.
This advertisement also uses descriptive language to create a desire in the consumer to purchase this product e.g. ‘amazing good value’ and ‘incredibly roomy’. The descriptive language can also persuade consumers that this brand is better than other similar brands on the market.

The advertisement also states the Tiida comes in a range of different styles, the sedan or hatch. This is so the car can cater for all consumers who want a small car or a family car. It also gives consumers more options so they can purchase the perfect car they need.

The Nissan brand is recognisable and well known. This differentiates this advertisement because consumers are more likely to purchase this brand because they know thousand of other people own this car brand without many problems. This can dramatically impact the number of people who buy this product.

This Tiida advertisement includes a bright coloured car image. This can differentiate this advertisement from dull colourless advertisement because consumers usually prefer colourful advertisements as it gives an impression it will be more interesting to read.

In conclusion there are many strategies used in the advertisement to differentiate this car advertisement from other competition.