Describe in Your Own Words the Five Ways to Wellbeing and How Can They Help Someone to Think and Behave Differently. What Are the Limitations of This Approach to Improving Health and Wellbeing?

Describe in your own words the Five Ways to Wellbeing and how can they help someone to think and behave differently. What are the limitations of this approach to improving health and wellbeing?

In this essay I will define the five elements that make up the New Economics Foundation (NEF), the five ways to wellbeing, and how they can help someone to think and behave differently, I will also discuss their limitations to improving health and wellbeing using the case studies from K118.
Scientific evidence points to five steps that we can take to improve our wellbeing.   The NEC developed these five steps from evidence gathered in the UK government’s foresight project on mental capital and wellbeing ( neweconomics n.d ).   It is now used worldwide in schools, health organisations and community projects.   The five steps are simple activities that everyone can do in everyday life to promote their own wellbeing.
The first of the five steps is connecting, it is good for us to make connections with others and do something different.   Strong evidence indicates that feeling close to, and valued by other people is a human need, when we connect we achieve social wellbeing which is important when it comes to total health and wellbeing.
Being active is the next step to wellbeing, being active has a strong link between being physically active and good mental wellbeing.   Being physically active is thought to cause chemical changes in the brain which can help to positively change our mood (Improve Mental Wellbeing n.d).   Being active in also helps lower rates of depression, therefore improving mental wellbeing and how we think and behave in our daily lives.
The third step is taking notice, being aware of our surroundings, by visiting new places, helps broaden and strengthens our awareness, it may help us re-affirm priorities in our own lives, and it can help with self-understanding and make positive choices. When we are faced with new environments, it enhances positive mental...