Describe How You Might Appropriately Observe the Physical Abilities and Skills of a Nine-Year-Old Boy

3. Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils.

It is most important to be confident and consistent in my approach to the pupils so I would demonstrate a firm, fair and positive attitude towards the pupils within the framework and guidelines as set out by the school.   I would act in a calm manner hoping to contribute to a safe and calm environment.   I would ensure that I knew which matters I, as a classroom assistant could deal with and what should be referred on to the teacher or a more senior staff member.     I would speak to the pupils respectfully and nicely and through this the children would ideally demonstrate positive behaviour back.   If a pupil’s work or behaviour needed to be corrected I would do within the guidelines and perimeters set out by the teacher at the beginning of the term or session; in a constructive manner that showed the pupil the right way without criticizing them and using words and language they could understand.    

When communicating with the pupils it is vital to listen to what they tell me without interrupting therefore I would pay positive attention to each pupil and communicate to them that I was interested in them as people and individuals.   This would build a positive and beneficial relationship with them.   In doing all of the above the children would come to understand that if there was a problem inside or outside school that they could come to me.   It is conducive to a good learning environment to teach and encourage children to work and co-operate with each other.   I would praise good behaviour, attitude and effort thus building self-esteem.   I would encourage pupils to pay attention to the teacher and give them whatever help was needed if they were struggling with any task or work set by the teacher.