Describe Factors That May Contribute to an Individual Being More Vulnerable to Abuse.

I am going to use the care setting of a childrens home pre Fostering center and the individual being that of a 13 year old female whom is staying there and has only recently been taken away from here parents whom where deemed unfit to care for her due to substance misuse.
Lets look at the setting first & situation first.
The child already distraught from being taken from her parents will now be going through a mixture and mash of emotions she will already feel vulnerable after being taken from the family home she will also feel neglected and will be very confused about her future.
The home is also home to other children and the female will now be sharing with others within the home   , she will be sharing a bunk room with 3 other females two of which are younger than she is however the other child is 17 years old and was sent there some time ago due to historical sexual and physical abuse within her own family setting.This child also has a history of violent behavior and could quite possibly have some learned behavior issues.The home she stays at is in need of repair it is financed by a charity the staff there are over worked and under paid.Some of the staff have had full training and hold relevant qualifications however the majority do not.
None of the staff have had a DBS check and two of the night staff are male.
Taking into account all of the factors within the setting i have just created i would say that this child is defiantly at risk of abuse.I will now point out these factors.

1. Child is Staying in a room with a much older and sexually active child whom has a history of being abused she also has a history of violence.The risk factors here are obvious the contributing factor is that there is risk of violence ( Physical Abuse ).There is a possibility of sexual abuse even though they are both female one has been subjective to historical abuse and may have learned behavior because of this.
2. Two males and one female on night shift.Here the...