Descibe with Examples How Different Areas of Development Can Affect One Another

Child and young person development

2.1   1.2~Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect each other.

Different aspects of development can affect each other by interlinking while doing one activity, allowing a child to develop their holistic development. You may be doing a physical group activity, but this could also develop language and social skills as well as physical development. This interlinking of areas of development can happen in most activities, as when your doing an activity your usually doing more than one thing at a time.
One example of an activity where the areas of development affect each other could be: Talking about our families and how they help us, then painting a picture. This covers the following areas of development~
Language/communication~ talking about their families,
Intellectual~thinking about how their family help them, and what they do to help them,
Emotional~how it makes them feel when people in their family help them,
Social~knowing about themselves eg. what their interests/hobbies are and if their family members help them with those,
Cultural~learning about other cultures through the discussions and how they do different things to themselves or do things differently,
Physical~using their motor skills to actually paint their picture,
Symbolic~using their own creativity to produce their paintings.
While talking and discussing families, the children get to share their experiences with each other, which in turn allows the children to learn about other peoples families. The children can talk about how it makes them feel when people help them, and how it's kind to help others.
The areas of development could also affect each other in another   way. For example, if a child has not yet learnt to talk they could use non verbal ways of communication eg. pointing, crying, screeching or leading you to what they want. This in itself interlinks the areas of development~
Intellectual~the child knows what they...