Derping Around

Disneyland Rough Draft
“Miracles really do happen!” This has been a motto many people grew up with and believed. Walt Disney himself believed that it was true. Disney had this idea of creating a place where this motto became true, not just for him but for everyone that came to this place. It all started with his love for trains. He wanted this place to have train that took people through worlds of imagination and dreams. Most of all he wanted this place to be centered around his most loved character, Mickey Mouse (Fanning 106). He wanted to call this place Disneyland after him and his cartoons. When he had all his ideas together of this ‘Disneyland’, he talked to Hollywood about it.   Disneyland was supposed to be a complete disaster, but because of hard work, it became a destination of wonder.
In 1954 Walt Disney bought the land where he wanted his ‘themed’ park to be built. The location that he had found was a 182 acre orange grove in Anaheim, California. Construction for this park started immediately (Grover 24). He wanted to get a good start on his new ideas. While building his park, Disney got the chance to talk to Hollywood and many other people. He wanted their advice on his new ‘themed’ park. They told him straight up that it was going to be a complete failure and might as well not have paid for the land and wasted his money. Disney didn’t believe it one moment and stayed positive. Construction was doing very well and faster than they had expected. Disney decided to set the 17th of July for opening day (Fanning 100). While creating ideas for his park he wanted something new. He didn’t want an ‘amusement’ park he wanted a ‘themed’ park where it was all about centered on his friend and cartoon, Mickey Mouse (Fanning 101). Opening day was coming fast and still no one really knew anything about this ‘themed’ park. Disney thought that he should make a little TV series or episodes about his park. He thought that this would also bring in some money that he had...