We all feel down from time to time, it is a normal cycle that is a part of out lives, but what if your sadness never goes away? What if you lose all your hope about being happy again? This is an example of being truly depressed. It is a very serious situation, it affects your daily life routine, you do not feel the pleasure while doing what you generally love doing, such as; hobbies.
Suddenly your interest in anything you like disappears; you start to feel tired all the time. It is hard but with good help and good support, this psychological disorder may go away. The major step towards treatment is to understand the reason of depression. By looking at signs, symptoms, causes and treatment options, you may overcome the problem.

To begin with, we have to know what depression really is. Depression is a disorder that involves feelings of sadness lasting for two weeks or longer, often accompanied by a loss of interest in life, hopelessness, and decreased energy. It causes serious physical changes in brain, for example, it affects the neurotransmitters which has a big role in mode regulations (such as serotonin; low levels of serotonin leads to depression), when we are depressed, the number of neurotransmitter decreases. People with a history of depression have some related changes in their brain structure. For example hippocampus of a person who had depression is smaller than any other person. Because the hippocampus is an important serotonin of brain structure, and as I mentioned before, depression decreases the level of serotonin.

The symptoms of depression may seem very familiar to everyone, but we must not forget that it is only depression, a clinical disorder, when it lasts 2 weeks or more. Change in sleeping habits is one of the main symptoms. You can not sleep properly (which may lead into insomnia, especially waking in the early hours of the morning, or oversleeping also known as hypersonic) or you star to sleep too much. Feeling fatigued,...