Depression Essay

Axia College
Febuary 11, 2011
Anthony Davis

Today I would like to discuss the topic of depression and some of the causes and effects. There are many reasons for instance built up anger, divorce, unbalanced hormones, death, and brain chemicals are just a few. For every different cause there is a different treatment for depression. For example if one is suffering from built up anger or pain from the past, then they may benefit from a psychologist or a counselor to help cope with the issue at hand. If one is suffering from brain chemical or unbalanced hormones, then an antidepressant might be more effective.
Depression is a serious mental illness and it is important to know which form or type you’re dealing with. It can last days, weeks, months, and even years.   Major depression is serious and disabling causing you to feel hopeless, agitation, it can be hard for one to concentrate and can cause suicidal thoughts. Bipolar disorder is known as one of the major depressions.
Bipolar disorder causes severe mood changes and can affect one’s lifestyle. There is no cure for this disorder but there is treatment. A person with bipolar disorder has no control over his or her mood or mood changes. It is also known as manic-depressive illness it is two separate emotional states.
Treatment for depressions varies. There is Psychotherapy this is effective for clinical depression. The benefits of psychotherapy you learn to release and cope with certain situations. It gives you a new outlook on life; it also helps catch depression at an early stage. Cognitive and behavioral therapies are just a few different types of psychotherapy,
which focus more on your thoughts and behavior that contributes to depression. Then where you have interpersonal therapy which focus more on how you interact with other people while being depressed. Then you have Psychodynamic therapy, which focus on a childhood trauma like rape, parents divorcing, witnessing a tragic event, or even...