Dental Thesis

Chapter 1
Introduction of Study
  I. Background of the Study
Today we are living in the era of technologies where technology is used everywhere and anytime. The advantage of technology to the business world is to make data and information easy to manage and process transactions faster which can be also integrated to companies used to make business decisions and form different policies. It can attain the success and advance of the business. It also gives customers satisfactions and secured information of the customers.

Having an online appointment system is a system where the whole process of setting an appointment is done through the Internet. At present the world is being modernized day by day, and almost all companies are computerized. Now, this digitalization of the world is good because all operations is facilitated through the use of computers and the Internet. Almost every organization in the world nowadays is using an online appointment system because of some very specific benefits. A website and implementing a system called Online Appointment system that would improve the operations a dental clinic. The business may perform transactions faster, safe and secured by this system. Every data and information of business organizations will be collected in a computer of the clinic. Dental Clinics can be more competitive because of the use of technology. Having this kind of system will have the benefits of ease of access where you can easily reach your desired prospect date. It makes you saves time and energy because you can easily access the internet and set your appointment unlike before you need to personally go to the clinic. In an online appointment system you can make your appointment any time, providing 24/7 services.

  II. IT Innovations
The online system in this study have similarities from local to international websites that are using Online Appointment System that are visited and commonly used by the visitors. These are the following...