Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication Paper
Ibeth Sanchez
November 16, 2011
Sang H. Kim, MBA, MS

Demonstrative Communications
Demonstrative communication plays an important role in the process of sending and receiving messages.   It involves replacing ideas, messages or information given.   Demonstrative communication includes visual, written, verbal, nonverbal sending and receiving messages.   Communication can be interpreted differently by each individual.   Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages (Cheeseboro, O’Connor & Rios, 2010, Pg. 4).
What is Demonstrative Communication?
Demonstrative communication centers on the nonverbal and unwritten forms of how communication is shared among an individual or group by using facial expressions, a certain tone of voice and body gestures.   There is a saying “Action speak louder than words”, which is known to be so true at times. There are many examples that can be depicted to another person in a nonverbal communication, for instance when a manger is interviewing a potential candidate for a job position they can automatically tell a lot by the persons appearance, the tone of voice and his/her friendliness.   An interviewer will know based on his/her first impression of that person if the interview will turn out to be a potential candidate or if he/she will cut the interview short.   The amount of attention by the interviewee will show the interviewer the level of professionalism the candidate possesses and can offer the company.   First impressions will always tell a lot about an individual.   During an interview the interviewer will see how confident the person is, was the hand shake a firm hold, was eye contact made when answering questions or was that person not looking straight at them avoiding eye contact and finally the choice of words used to answer the questions and if he/she chose the right tone of voice along with words to answer them.   All of those observations will determine if the...

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