Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication
Jeanette S. Ramirez
Business Communication 275
October 11, 2011
Barbara Hart

Demonstrative Communication
Communication is a way to transmit feelings or thoughts; it is a process of transferring information between a sender and a receiver. Communication is way to send or receive messages. There is several ways to communicate, many people communicate through verbal and nonverbal communication. Communication can also be writing or visual. Verbal communication is used to express feelings or thoughts through speaking or writing were as nonverbal communication is through visual such as body language or facial expressions.
Demonstrative communication includes nonverbal communication and unwritten communication. A sender can nonverbally send a positive message to a receiver through a facial expression such as a smile or a wink or by frowning or scowling can send a message of disappointment or anger.
Unwritten communication can be through visually seeing someone or something and making an assumption from what was seen and how it was perceived. For example the other day our office was interviewing people for a new medical assistant two of the applicants were dressed neatly and professionally, the girls looked eager and had big smiles on their faces. These two girls sent a positive message to us. As the receiver we assumed they were better candidates. We had a more positive view of both of them.   The other two girls they sent a different unwritten communication to us. One of the girls had sat with her arms crossed over her chest and had a very unhappy look on her face. The other girl had an excited look on her face with a big smile but had pinkish hair. All of us in the office judged these two girls as candidates we would not be interested in based on their nonverbal communication. After the interviewing and verbally...

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