Demonstrative Communication as Non-Verbal Communication

Demonstrative Communication as Non-Verbal Communication.
Simply, communication can be defined as the sending and receiving of messages.   Mehrabian (1971) found that the effectiveness of a message was 7% verbal, the words, themselves; 38% vocal paralinguistic, tone, inflection, verbal pauses; But 55% of the messages effeteness was in non-verbal communications.   Eye contact, posture and body orientation, gestures, facial expressions, and proxemics are all types of non-verbal communications (Subapriya).   Communication by sender and receiver are important to complete understanding of the communication. Demonstrative communication i.e. non-verbal communication is vital, if not the most important aspect of the clearest and sincere communication.  
The sender of a message must first have a message, from that moment on, face-to-face communication between sender and receiver starts.   Eye contact can begin with no eye contact at all.   Lack of interest or attention can be inadvertently or purposely communicated through eye-contact.   The receiver of the message could communicate many responses by how or if the message sender is being looked at.   If the sender does not make eye contact with the receiver, the perception of the receiver might be that it is an unimportant message, not directed towards them or could be of sarcastic in nature meant to alienate the receiver.   Conversely the sender might try to use a gaze to make the message receiver uncomfortable. Elevator-eyes or an intimidating stare can communicate on their own.   Some organization leaders believe that when speaking to a woman, the verbal communication is less important than the expression in her eyes (Hulea).   Hulea also believes that there is a “sixth sense” within non-verbal communication that can be revealed in eye contact as well as and facial expressions. Many people respond within smiles and raising the eyebrows without knowing.   Reading these signs on the faces of the receivers of the message can give...