Demographics Paper

The population demographics in this paper will be focusing on the elderly aged sixty and

above. The part of the elderly population includes foreign born immigrants and the native born

elderly. There are many reasons that the elderly population changes and the way it affects

health care and costs for care and prescriptions. The elderly are affected by many issues and

health care is affected the worst because of the cost related to the care they may need as they age.

The growing elderly population has made it expensive for them to afford the health care

that they need at a reasonable price. The elderly require a bit more care than the younger

population and this causes health care costs to rise. Having resources would be good because it

can help them to try and decrease their health care costs. Having the help of the community

providing the resources that could help would be beneficial when it comes to lowering the cost of

health care and services. Population is important and elderly have been around and deserve better

health care and reasonable prices.

                                            Demographic Population

The elderly makes up about 67% of the population aged sixty and over. In the year 1900

people aged 60 and over constituted for 16% of the population. Since 1900 the population has

grown and the average age of   a life expectancy has increased from age 47 in 1900 to 76 years

of age in 2000. There was a decrease in birthrates within this period of time and the foreign born

immigrants have accounted for 30.9% of the elderly population and they make up 13.6% of the

U.S population. When the decrease of population occurred health care was not in demand and

when the population started to grow again the demand for health care was greater, as was the

cost to receive health care when necessary. The elderly population has increased and so has the

demand for health care and the cost go up...