Sam kouwenhoven Mr.Turner 10/15/09 History 10
Democracy, which limited the power of a king and gave more rights to its citizens, I believe was and still is the best form of government. Unlike absolutism which gives ultimate power to the king, in a democracy power is given to different people so not one person is too powerful. A democratic government also allows to gives free speech to its citizens. Unlike democracy, absolutism has the king make final saysand final decisions with no questions asked. Though during 15th and 16th century the most common government was absolutism, but soon democracy would be the new government favorite of the people.
First, democracy made it easier for social class mobility for the middle class and made it easier for people to speak their mind. (Document 4) “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it” Voltaire said. This meant that no matter what you believe in, democracy will fight for your rights of speech. (Document 4) “The best government seems to be that in which all the ranks of men are equally protected by the laws.” This statement also proves that Voltaire believed in a democratic government and that there should not be a single ruler.
Another famous democracy philosophe was Montesquieu. (Document 6)He believed in a government that has separation of powers. In his book The Spirit of the Laws, it is stated that a government should have a separation of powers and have trust. “There can be no liberty where he executive, legislative and judicial powers are united in on person or body of persons…” This quote proves exactly what Montesquieu believed in, that one man can’t control everything or there will be chaos.
Finally, (Document 5) John Locke another famous English philosopher wrote in his book, Two Treaties on Government, he states that there should not be one ruler but you should have a democratic form of government. “No one can be…subjected to the political power of...