DEMENTIA   202: The person centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia

|1.1: Describe what is meant                                         |A person centred approach is providing care and support that is     |
|by a person centred   approach                                       |catered to that persons life history,experiences,likes and dislikes.|
|                                                                     |They should be treated with dignity and respect.Care and support     |
|                                                                     |services should build on that perons strengths and abilities to     |
|                                                                     |promote independence.                                               |
|1.2 Outline the benefits of                                         |If everyone within the care setting is carrying out a person centred|
|working with an individual with dementia in a person centred manner |approach and recording and passing on relevant information to       |
|                                                                     |colleagues then everyone will be familiar with the service user and |
|                                                                     |their requirements, which will make the service user feel empowered |
|                                                                     |and in turn help them to promote good communication.                 |
|1.3 : Describe the role that                                         |Carers can support service users by being caring, understanding and |
|carers can have in the care and support of individuals with dementia|being patient.                                                       |
|                                                                     |All the above are needed when caring for someone with dementia as   |
|                                                                     |the...