Dementia Assignment

Assignment 1—CaseWorld creative expression and analysis
Mode of submission Part A: Group video online through FLO
Part A: Presentation in class
Part B: Online through FLO
Weighting: Part A: 30%
Part B: 50%
Length: Part A: 10 minutes (per group)
Part B: 2000 words
Due date: Part A: Group video by Monday of Module 9 by 9.00 am
Part A: Presentation during Module 10
Part B: Friday of week following Module 10 by 11.00 am
Part A
Each assigned tutorial small group (A, B, C, D, E) will be asked to identify with an individual (either from case world or other scenarios presented) whose situation is broadly described in the assessment details. Students must choose one (1) scenario to explore and produce a small group creative piece (e.g. narrative, poetry, drama, song, prose, dance, soliloquy) that illustrates the chosen person’s (scenario) potential experience of accessing and using some part of the healthcare system (e.g. GP clinic, residential aged care facility, day surgery) as that person. All members of the group must contribute equally to the production of the video, which must be 10 minutes in length. One member of the group must upload the completed video to the Assignment 1 - Part A - Video drop box. Students who have not uploaded the video must submit a coversheet with their details and group membership to their assignment drop box. Information regarding videoing can be found on the topic FLO site under Assessment: information and resources folder. The major attention of this work must be concerned with barriers and enables of access to health care services by people from priority populations. A specific focus of the video must be the role of Nurses within an interaction and how nurses influence (positive and/or negatively) health care seeking behaviours/interactions between health care providers and individuals from a priority population must be illuminated. Students must use ONE of the following scenarios on which to base their...